End Recovery Anxiety

Elastio integrates with AWS Backup to continuously scan backups for threats, recovery tests them to ensure a successful restoration, and quickly identifies the last clean recovery point. 

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Elastio scans your backups in real-time for ransomware, malware, corruption, and other factors that affect restorability. 

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In one click, customers can easily recover entire instances, selected volumes, or individual files to a secure and isolated environment.

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Due to Elastio's compression and deduplication capabilities, customers can increase their retention period while simultaneously reducing their storage costs. 

Available on the AWS Marketplace

With plans available for any use case, get started with Elastio today!

FAQ About Elastio

Can Elastio Access My Data?

Elastio cannot view, access, or gain custody of customer data. Elastio is run from inside your AWS accounts and is completely under your control. 

Is Elastio Built For A Single Account Or Can It Work Across Accounts?

Elastio has single account and cross account configurations available. 

Does Elastio Work With My Existing Security Tools?

Elastio is designed to integrate with existing incident response procedures and tools. It supports sending logs, events, and alerts to leading SIEMs.

Pay Only For What You Protect,
Not What You Store

With Elastio's compression and deduplication technology, most customers find
the product pays for itself in under 90 days.  

Starter Edition


  • Protect up to 1 TB
  • Limited Retention Period
Growth Edition


  • Paid upfront with 1 Year Commitment
  • $79/TB monthly payment, 1 Year Commitment
  • $100/TB monthly payment, No Commitment
  • Minimums Apply 
  • Up to 25 TB Under Protection
Enterprise Edition

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  • Annual, Multi-Year Terms Available
  • Monthly or Reserved Pricing
  • Minimums Apply
  • Over 25 TB Under Protection

Case Studies

Learn how Elastio has helped companies like you solve their security and compliance needs. 
Available on the AWS Marketplace

With plans available for any use case, get started with Elastio today!